Speaking Yogini

I am an Speech Language Pathologist, and a fairly typical speech therapist at that. I am engrossed in details and organization, constantly analyzing communication abilities on and off the clock. Under my  belt, I have 1 year in private practice, 4 years in the schools, 1 year of travel therapy (pediatrics and geriatrics) and 1 1/2 years in geriatrics.  My ear is trained to hear a cough in a crowded dining room, a deviation in tongue placement upon introduction to someone new, vocal intensity, pitch breaks, stumbling to find words, a conversation about missed milestones and when I order a tonic at a crowded establishment, I sometimes finger-spell key words.

I went to school in Boone, NC and have since settled in Asheville, NC.  I have become engrossed in yoga, surrounded by some of the best Yoga teachers in the World (I dare say). I find myself referencing my experience in Speech to the lessons of Yoga, connecting universal teachings to micro and macro details of my profession. In this blog, I want to explore the connections we can make between the two.


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