I woke up acutely aware of my age today; Wanting to add to my life but feeling the pull of wasted time searching for something I haven’t found. I felt my dog lounging at my feet, possibly awake but graciously following suit in my morning rituals. I wake up and go back to bed several times, hanging my feet where my pillows lay so I can steal a snuggle from my pup. He lounges

and squirms lackadaisically, I snuggle in. I remember. It’s unconditional love and unsaid communication. Do I miss the verbal reciprocity and dexterity of a man-pup? Am I missing out on the compromises and confines of a relationship? Then Bruno gets up. I wish he had more of a snuggle attention span.

I recently had a conversation with a patient of mine. She’s 82.

Patient: Are you married?

me: no.

Patient: well, you know you are really missing out not being married.

me: oh yeah, why?

Patient: you get to go out to eat places.

me: that sounds nice. I already go out to eat places. What are the other advantages to getting married?

Patient: I guess its because you don’t have to work the rest of your life. and you get a partner for life.

Me: that does sound nice.

Patient: Do you live alone? with your dog?

Me: yes.

Patient: Not with your momma?

Me: hey Molly, what day is it?

Patient: 2004?

Single ladies, we’ve come so far.


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